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Cover Reveal: Shadow Kiss Graphic Novel

4 Oct

Just look at the gorgeous cover of the Shadow Kiss graphic novel, adapted by Leigh Dragoon from Richelle Mead’s Shadow Kiss, and illustrated by Emma Vieceli. The release is said to be December 2013, however Mead tells us it may be early 2014. Fans of the Vampire Academy series are especially looking forward to this particular adaptation and readers of the books will know why. Not only is there a certain cabin scene, but the end is beyond heartbreaking.

What do you think of the cover? Is it your favourite so far?


HOT NEWS: The Fiery Heart Chapter 2 Released

19 Aug

Richelle Mead has released chapter 2 of The Fiery Heart and this time it’s in Sydney’s POV.

The Fiery Heart releases 19th November.

NEW: Bloodlines #5 by Richelle Mead

17 Aug

And the title for Bloodlines book 5 is….


What do you think? Let us know in the comments section down below.

Interview with ‘Vampire Academy’ author Richelle Mead

16 Aug

Richelle Mead, author of the popular YA Vampire Academy series took the time to answer some questions for Kozlovsky Brazil. Mead talks about the latest Vampire Academy movie teaser trailer and her excitement over visiting the set in London. “They were filming some of those outdoor night action scenes when we were there, and we saw some of the stunts that come after that shot of Danila walking down the street—which, I’ve got to stop and say, is one of the most BADASS shots ever. I’m just in love with how they did it. It’s one of the first looks at him in the movie, and everything’s brilliantly done, from the flames to his stride to that glorious duster. It just screams, “Dimitri Freakin’ Belikov is here. ARE YOU READY FOR ME?”

Mead also talks about what we should expect in future trailers.It’s got its heart-wrenching, dramatic moments, absolutely. But there’s also action, romance (both sweet and hot), suspense, darkness, and snarky teen humor. The editors had to show a little of each of those things…all in under a minute! It’s a big task, and they pulled it off. I imagine in future trailers, things will slow down a little, and we’ll get to focus on one type of scene at a time. Certain things that went by fast and out of context will also make more sense. But for now, this just laid out everything we’re in store for! Definitely exceeded my expectations.”

Richelle discusses her paranoia about being compared to Harry Potter starting out and her utter excitement when director Mark Waters pondered giving the students uniforms. “I was like, “YES, PLEASE!” I’m not a newbie author paranoid about comparisons anymore. My story stands on its own, and uniforms make so much sense for a movie. Remember—we’re always, always thinking of visuals, in a different way than we do in the book. And a group of kids in those sweet uniforms looks much more impressive on the big screen than a group of kids in jeans. I was so excited when I saw them and thought the amazing costume designer (whom I met and is lovely) did a fabulous job. I hope readers love them too and understand the point (and don’t worry—they wear jeans again after class).”

Read more of the interview HERE