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City of Bones cast reveal the mythical/fictonal creature they wish was real

23 Aug

EW asked The Mortal Instrument: City of Bones cast what mythical creatures or stories they wished were real, and I adore some of their answers!
Lily Collins – Clary
“Oh, I love the idea of the Tooth Fairy. I think a lot of people would be knocking teeth out if the Tooth Fairy really were real and they just left money under your pillow. I think that’d be a sweet little thing.”

Jamie Campbell Bower – Jace
“The Tooth Fairy. It would be great, it would be a great one.” (Editor’s note: The onetime real-life couple were not together when they both gave this adorable answer.)

Cassandra Clare – author
“Lord of the Rings, I want to live in that world. I want to be a valiant lady warrior like Eowyn and live in that beautiful world.”

Robert Sheehan – Simon
“I think it’s probably that Rolling Stones one to do with the Mars bar.” (Editor’s note: He explained that further, but it’s mildly inappropriate. He’s a rake, that one.)

Kevin Zegers – Alec
“I’ve always wanted to believe that the Loch Ness [Monster] was real. There’s got to be some animal that exists that people just haven’t — I don’t believe in the Bigfoot thing. I think people would’ve seen that. But there’s got to be something in the ocean we don’t know about.”

Godfrey Gao – Magnus
“Santa Claus. I don’t know if it’s still true or not, but I’ve always believed in Santa Claus and I love the whole Christmas feeling, and ever since I was a little kid I’ve always wanted to meet Santa Claus.”

Jared Harris – Hodge
“I love all the Greek myths, so yeah I’d like to see some Cyclops wandering around.”

Aidan Turner – Luke
“I wish ‘hair of the dog’ was true. I wish the two pints in the morning after the night before made you feel better. It really doesn’t. What a myth, what a crummy myth.”

Atil Ovarssen – composer
“Well, don’t we all wish that good guys always win in the end and that there are no monsters under the bed. But I come from Iceland, and there’s so much mythology in all aspects of life. Like people still believe that there are elves in rocks, you know, and you can’t put a road there because the elves are going to get pissed off. So you know, I think I believe all of it.”

What mythical creature or monster do you wish was real?



Happy Release Day for The Mortal Instruments: City of Bones Film in Cinema’s Now!

21 Aug

Who’s seen it?! What did you think? Did it live up to your expectations?
Either way, I’m happy for Cassandra Clare and excited for the cast and fans.

The Mortal Instruments: City of Ashes Production Green-Lit and Filming In Toronto

20 Aug

After the amazing reception from fans at the premiere of City of Bones in Toronto, City of Ashes has been green-lit for production in late September. Lily Collins, Jamie Campbell Bower and Kevin Zegers told The Star about how this franchise is different.

“It’s wicked that we’re green-lit for movie two. Green-lighting any sequel is a gamble. But we have made a great film and it’s wicked that we get to go back and make possibly another great film,” said Jamie Campbell Bower, who stars as demon-battling Shadowhunter Jace Wayland.

“It’s very rare that a sequel will go into (pre-)production when the first film is not even out yet. It’s given us a huge boost of confidence,” added Lily Collins, who plays the film’s heroine, Clary Fray.

“It’s not a romance; it’s an action adventure where there is romance,” says Lily Collins, in Toronto on Aug. 16 for the Canadian premiere of The Mortal Instruments: City of Bones

“We are confident in the strength of this franchise and fans are extremely loyal, committed and supportive. We are excited about the opening of The Mortal Instruments: City of Bones and look forward to the sequel . . . which begins filming next month in Toronto. We are knee-deep in prep,” said Kat Kleiner, head of international marketing and publicity for Constantin Film.

With all YA films being adapted from books, there will always be the comparison with Twilight, however, Lily collins assures us that Clary Fray is not defined by men or romance.

“It’s not a romance; it’s an action adventure where there is romance. But she (Clary) is not defined by men and I think some of the other franchises have been all about the romance. That doesn’t draw in a new audience, especially with men. You want to draw in the dudes as much as the girls,” Collins said.

“I love that (Clary) is this normal, vulnerable, confused girl but at the same time a bad-ass, strong, empowered young woman and that mixture of the two in a heroine was for me the ultimate dream to play,” Collins said.

“That kind of gave us our first taste of the fandom. It was just amazing. We hadn’t even shot the movie and they (fans) were already there to support us,” Collins said.

“My preconception of the city, having never been here, was that it was a little plain Jane. Is it a little bit closed after 10 p.m.? But I just had a whale of a time,” said Irish actor Robert Sheehan, who plays Simon.

“I love the city. It was dope. We had an amazing time,” added Campbell Bower.

“It was like shooting two films. You shoot the character stuff, but you have this other whole aspect because Harald wanted us to do all of our stuff, including fighting. It was non-negotiable,” Zegers said.
“We had to learn to not just fight but fight well . . . and you’ve got to look a certain way,” he added.

New TMI Stills!

16 Aug

tmistills1 tmistills2 tmistills3




OMG I AM SO EXCITED! Another Godfrey Gao still! And oh my, have I ever mentioned how much I really like Lily Collins playing as Clary in spite of the height difference?


The Mortal Instrument: City of Bones hits the theater on August 21st. I can’t wait anymore!!


NEW: City Of Bones Clip ‘What Do You Believe In?’ and ‘You Know What To Do’ Analysis

14 Aug

In this little scene, Alec seems rather reluctant to break into a vampire’s lair–smart man. Of course, Jace isn’t taking no for an answer. Presumably, this is after Magnus’ party, and they’re just getting ready to storm into Hotel Du Mort to save Simon. Jace’s stele looks awesome when he opens the church altar to reveal the weapons, I notice his leather finger-less gloves, which add to his overall Shadowhunter-esque look. The weapons look so badass, and Clary is pretty flabbergasted at the array. I love the way they all get ready, as if it’s their normal routine, going through the motions of passing knives to each other and putting them on their belts.


This is Hodge’s and Valentine’s little scene. I never imagined Valentine with his leather shirt gaping open, but it does have a certain dramatic effect. Especially with all the runes tattooed on his chest. The hierarchy is clear, with Hodge at a lower level and fearing Valentine, whilst Valentine puts a possessive hand on Hodge’s shoulder and says ‘you know what to do’ DUN DUN DUUUUN.

I’m not sure about all these clips and trailers, on the one hand I’m lapping up the new footage, but on the other, it seems like I’ve seen too much of it, and I’d rather wait until I can see it all together.