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Shailene Woodley and Miles Teller Share An Important Message

18 Aug


Shailene Woodley and Miles Teller, stars of the new film The Spectacular Now have an important message for you! Don’t text when watching a film in the cinema. Miles Teller WILL HUNT YOU DOWN.


NEW: City Of Bones Clip ‘What Do You Believe In?’ and ‘You Know What To Do’ Analysis

14 Aug

In this little scene, Alec seems rather reluctant to break into a vampire’s lair–smart man. Of course, Jace isn’t taking no for an answer. Presumably, this is after Magnus’ party, and they’re just getting ready to storm into Hotel Du Mort to save Simon. Jace’s stele looks awesome when he opens the church altar to reveal the weapons, I notice his leather finger-less gloves, which add to his overall Shadowhunter-esque look. The weapons look so badass, and Clary is pretty flabbergasted at the array. I love the way they all get ready, as if it’s their normal routine, going through the motions of passing knives to each other and putting them on their belts.


This is Hodge’s and Valentine’s little scene. I never imagined Valentine with his leather shirt gaping open, but it does have a certain dramatic effect. Especially with all the runes tattooed on his chest. The hierarchy is clear, with Hodge at a lower level and fearing Valentine, whilst Valentine puts a possessive hand on Hodge’s shoulder and says ‘you know what to do’ DUN DUN DUUUUN.

I’m not sure about all these clips and trailers, on the one hand I’m lapping up the new footage, but on the other, it seems like I’ve seen too much of it, and I’d rather wait until I can see it all together.